The Lox:Money, Power, and Respect

Livin the Life:
If You Think I'm Jiggy:
Money Power and Pespect:
Let's Start Rap Over:
I Wanna Thank You:
Goin Be Some Shit:
The Heist:
Not to Be Fucked With:
Bitches from EastWick:
Cant Stop Wont Stop:
All for the Love:
So Right:
Everybody Wanna Rat:
Interview(part 2):

Mase:Harlem World

Puff's Intro:
Do You Wanna Get $:
Take What's Yours:
Mad Rapper(interlude):
Will They Die 4 You:
Looking at Me:
Love You So:
The Player Way:
Niggaz Wanna Act:
Feels So Good:
What You Want:
Phone Conversation(interlude):
Cheat on You:
24 Hours to Live:
I Need to Be:
Watch Your Back:
Wanna Hurt Mase:
Jealous Guy:

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